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A rich legacy

- By Mohit Srivastav

Origin and more:

We believe Kayastha is not a caste but a culture. We are a large family, descendants of Adi Purush Shri Chittraguptajee. Just as how our patron deity Shri Chittraguptajee kept record of the deeds, good and evil of the mankind and administered justice; our history reveals that we, members of the Kayastha family have continued to keep up the same tradition of creating a balance by doing deeds, which lead to complete welfare of the mankind.

Several renowned and distinguished personalities belong to our community. They include the first president of independent India Dr Rajendra Prasad, socialist revolutionary Jayaprakash Narayan, noted Hindi author Premchand, and Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Sushmita Sen, Bipasha Basu are Kayasthas.

Lifestyle and culture:

We endeavour to fulfil the mission of Shri Chittraguptajee; A mission to aid and strive for the welfare of society. There are more than 10 crore Kayastha families spread all over the world. To create a beautiful and developed world, filled with peace, prosperity and happiness is the motto of every member of our community.

Did you know?
  • In the late 17th and early 18th centuries Kayasthas in India developed expertise in Persian (the state language in Islamic India), learnt Turkish, Arabic and later Urdu. They were already prolific in economics, administration, and taxation.
  • Kayasthas successfully adapted themselves as scribes and functionaries under Islamic rule and later on under the British. Their adaptability and lifestyle was an asset which allowed them to succeed. The Kayastha community, in the colonial era, learnt English, whilst the more affluent ones sent their children to England. Many Kayasthas later became civil servants, tax officers, junior administrators, teachers, legal helpers, and barristers. They rose to the highest positions accessible to natives in British India.
  • Kayasthas have over 260 different surnames.